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Black Forest

Black Forest German Restaurant is for food lovers (… pork specifically) who want to gorge on delicious homely, meaty meals. If you are on diet or managing cholesterol… walk away now!

The Black Forest website states, “servings are generous”. This is a very big understatement. The servings are ENORMOUS! For example, the Muenchener Scheweinshax (aka pork knuckle) is larger than my head (which, by average, is pretty small and not that impressive… but still a HEAD)! The traditionally dressed staff must have biceps of steel, carrying meals of these proportions.

The many German beers are all served in stein size (no pints here) and although the Muenchener Scheweinshax (aka pork knuckle) is a standout on the menu, other hearty meals such as Tiroler Schweinebraten and Nuernerger Rostbratwuerstchen are as equally as meaty and massive.

Dining at the Black Forest German Restaurant at Highgate Hill is like travelling back to a time in Germany where, according to the décor, Coo coo’s and knights existed amongst a warm wooden backdrop (representing the forest of Southern Germany, which the Restaurant is named after). It’s almost … Grimm’s-inspired décor. The Black Forest German Restaurant is a very relaxing and warm dining feasting experience where your stomach will want to burst and the dessert menu will not even get a token “oh, let me just have a look”.

P.S. I’d love to hear from anyone who has devoured an entire pork knuckle from this place. You are a true food champion.


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