I love eating – How food brings people together.

Some of my fondest memories are of sitting in New Farm Park relaxing amongst the roses eating deliciously over-catered picnics with friends; my grandparents feeding me and my sister ridiculous amounts of food while babysitting; sharing an amazing, intimate, degustation meal with my fiancé while overlooking the Brisbane River and Story Bridge. Sharing moments like this, with people I love, always happen while eating.

I’m also a product of my DNA, which drives me to take photos. Photos of my food.

Somehow, while I’d been plodding along, taking photos of my food, talking about what recent amazeballs restaurants I’d been to (in beautiful Brisbane where I live)  and people saw my photos. And then they began asking my opinion on where to eat.  So I was inspired to start PlayEatRepeat to connect Brisbane people with food, to connect Brisbane restaurants with people…  and to allow my addiction of over-eating and taking food photos to continue.

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I hope you enjoy.



Dee, Chief eater @ PlayEatRepeat