PlayEatRepeat is fundraising for OzHarvest


setup is excited to fund raise for OzHarvest, a charity dedicated to rescuing excess food that would otherwise go to waste.

OzHarvest believes that good food should not go to waste. In fact, by distributing it to those in need, they turn excess food into a resource and save thousands of kilograms of food from being dumped as landfill each year.


On average, every kilogram of food that OzHarvest rescues will avoid 2 kg of greenhouse (kg CO2-eq) emissions, and avoid the consumption of 143 litres of water.


Save and Support – 20% of your Entertainment™ Membership purchase goes towards fund-raising for OzHarvest.

We’re about all things food, so what better way to support a food based charity than to make the Entertainment Memberships available to our food loving followers –  20% of the membership purchase ($65) will go towards OzHarvest.

Register for Entertainment Membership

Membership will save you money and support an awesome local charity. We’ve often used the entertainment book for many restaurants (high end venues as well as the usual take away) and includes:

  • Over $20,000 worth of valuable 2-for-1
  • Up to 50% offers
  • Many of the best restaurants, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more!
  • It’s even more awesome this year, Memberships will be available in two formats; Entertainment™ Book or Entertainment™ Digital Membership (allows you to redeem offers directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone)



More about OzHarvest

OzHarvest provides food to more charities across Brisbane who provide support to many individuals in need, watch the video below or visit the OzHarvest website to find out more about this excellent service.


Thanks for your support!

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