Picnic Cafe | Camp Hill



All Day Breakfast. Dietary-need friendly. Picnic inspired menu.

Mmm … what I wouldn’t do to time travel back to Sundays delicious breakfast at Picnic Cafe. Owned by the same lovely people at PawPaw (one of my favourite #Brisbane breakfasts) … their Picnic inspired menu will please everyone, catering for most dietary needs; #GF #vegetarian #vegan #juicers #organic #eatseverything.
I devoured a beautifully presented Picnic Board breakfast – organic feta, toast, avo, eggs roasted ham (replaced with bacon – mmm love bacon) and tomato relish. Picnic is also open for dinner and apparently do actual picnic baskets for those on the run.
Price Range: $$/$$$ ($5.90 – $15.90 Breakfast / $15.90-$17.90 Lunch / $13.90-$19.50 Dinner)

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