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Tipplers Tap is the ultimate man-cave with a dude-food kitchen; there’s beer, hot dogs, arcade games and zero cutlery. Awesome! As you open the front door, you will be greeted by Tipplers Tap’s friendly kitchen staff making impressive Chicago influenced food.

Craft beers, Chicago style food, very friendly staff, casual dining, the sliders

Presented in red serving baskets, the deep-fried, greasy man-cave goodies on offer consist of onion rings, huge hot dogs, sliders, chili dogs, beef sandwiches, grandma Kennedy’s chili, 3 cheese jaffle (because one cheese isn’t enough), honest ploughman and buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce (in a dude sized 1 kg serve!) Wow!

The sliders are a favourite. $5 each or $20 you can choose 5 carefully constructed mini burgers; haloumi with Porter-bello mushroom, chi-town style beef of pork belly (orgasmic!). Thankfully Tippler’s Tap provides packed napkin holders for all dining dudes and dudettes. (One must uphold a little sophistication in a public man-cave, right?).

Embrace your inner dude.  Tipplers Tap is the Man-cave you have always wanted.

Apparently a tippler is “a habitual drinker of alcohol” (you can thank me later for teaching you something new) so peeps attending AA would be wise not to visit. Tipplers specialise in craft beers and also offer an awesome selection of wine, cider and delicious organic soft drinks.


The beers on tap (of which there are 10) are regularly rotated, providing an impressive selection for thirsty tipplers. Craft beers include the likes of Bacchus Brewing co, Denis Brewing Co, Young Henry’s and Holgate & Nogne. None of these sound familiar? Don’t stress. The bar dudes (Carl and Jim, working while I visited) are serious beer lovers. Word on the street is they will talk endlessly about what’s available of tap. True beer connoisseurs.

If you haven’t already decided to live in this man-cave heaven after having a craft beer or eating the deep fried goodness, the homely, hunting lodge style furnishing and arcade games will seduce your inner dude to stay. Forever.


May the dude be with you.


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    Oh my two favourite bar tenders! Love this place :)

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