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What more than just burritos and tacos? Villa Maria will blow your Latin American appetite into a whole new world (of flavours). Ole!

Burritos. Check. Enchiladas Check. Tacos. Check. The usual suspects are on Villa Maria’s extensive menu however they are known for their other authentic meals that will inspire you to eat Latin American food forever.

Villa Maria’s menu is unique and very impressive, incorporating cuisine from all regions of Latin America (Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil). Asombroso! (That’s Spanish for amazing)!


 The largest selection of authentic Latin American cuisine in this side of Peru, lots of gluten free and vegetarian options, chilli requests are Hot with a capital H – for the chilli lovers.


The menu begins with 19 entrees including nachos, dips, empadas (Latin Americas equivalent of the meat pie) and for the chilli challenge champions, jalapenos rellenos (a whole jalapeno chili stuffed with Spanish goats cheese, crumbled then fried) to name a few.

The main menu is too huge to list in full here but some of the mouth-watering meals include Panza Guanaca (thick cut of oven roasted pork belly prepared with exotic spices, served over a bed of casamiento and sautéed cabbage), Lomo Saltado (marinated strips of beef with Inca spices, combined with fried Spanish onion, tomato, green and red capsicum) and the exotic Enchiladas de Mole (folded corn tortilla filled with shredded chicken with tomatoes, onion and capsicum, covered with Mole – a chocolate salsa!!! – and a touch of sour cream).

Villa Maria is a local south-side secret and is often booked out, not only because of the amazing food but because the Latin American staff are some of the most genuinely friendly around. The wine list is also proudly Latin American produce, with over 25 wines available from regions including Rioja, Mendoza, Rapel Valley and Casablanca Valley. Ole!

Villa Maria also do BYO ($3 corkage) and will prepare you tasty take away meals for those times you want to gorge yourself and practice your taco flavoured kisses in private.


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